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– Vernon Howard

In our modern day, technology plays a key role in our kids’ learning. I realize that you can do a Google search for free reading websites for kids, but these 10 free reading web sites for kids are teacher tested, mom tested, teacher approved, and mom approved. I am both a teacher and a mom. Not only do I approve these sites, I use them. They are fabulous.

  1. Book Adventure

    Free reading websites for kidsBook Adventure is one of my favorite reading websites that helps kids raise comprehension and read “just right” books. Why I love it: You can access book lists at your child’s level. Levels go from K- 12. The book list even lets you select the genre that interests your child. Once you generate a book list that fits your child, you check out the books from the library or access them in any other way. Read them with your children. Then take a quiz. Kids get hooked on reading because they are reading books they like. This site is similar to Accelerated Reader found in many public schools. (You do need to create a user name and password. It is free. I’ve used this site for 16+ years with no spam.)

  2. Read Works

    This is another great site that I use regularly. It has poems, stories, and passages for every level. You can search for the level you want. Then, you can print each passage. It has comprehension questions as well as answers. This is a must for helping kids increase their comprehension. This site isn’t about pleasure reading. It is a simple way to help your child get materials at their level with comprehension questions. Levels: K- 12 (You do need to create a user name and password. It is free. You get updates about once a month. No spam.)

  3. We Give Books

    This site has many genres of books as well as levels. Your child selects the book, and it displays the words. To turn pages, they click an arrow.It has classics and new releases. This link is an example of a classic for ages 4- 7. This is also an example of a book you don’t have to log in to read. Some books require that you have an account. However, it is still free. 

  4. Storyline Online

    I love this site because it is a virtual story time. The stories are read aloud to your child. It is a great way for your child to hear books and see the pictures. It is valuable to read aloud to your child. This is one option. (However, nothing replaces a parent reading aloud to their child. Sitting together for read aloud time is always best.)

  5. National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine

    When I was a child, I got hooked on reading through magazines. I still love magazines. They are appealing to me and kids because the articles are short, interesting, and accompanied by pictures. This is a fabulous choice to ensure your kids are exposed to non-fiction. Why I love this: You can click on any edition and story, and it will display the words as it reads to you. It is valuable to your kids to see, hear, and read along. Additionally, I like the bright colors. The topics are interesting.

  6. Read Theory

    This is another great site that is terrific for helping your child increase their comprehension. It has assessments so that you can target exactly what passages your child needs to read. It offers leveled passages with comprehension questions. However, these don’t have to be printed. All the reading is done on the computer. Here is a quote from their site: “Our grade level 1-8 materials help prepare students for state assessment exams. Our grade level 9-12 materials help prepare students for the ACT, SAT, and GRE standardized tests. All upper level materials have been designed to emulate the style and approach students will find on major tests administered in the U.S. Read Theory helps students to perform better on these tests and compose essays required by the majority of college entrance applications. The content and presentation of our upper level materials also mimics that found on the materials students will be required to tackle once they’ve reached the college classroom.” The passages are interesting and truly will help with comprehension.

  7. Poetry For Kids

    I believe that kids need a variety of materials and genres; thus, I am adding poetry. I am a fan of poetry. I love the rhyme, rhythm, and patterning that kids learn from reading poetry. This site offers many types of poems to read as well as how to write them.


    This is a wonderful student news site. It has current events for every area of life. What makes me love this site is that you can adjust each article to your child’s reading level. Check it out and help your child stay current and informed.

  9. Student News Daily

    This is a great site for about 5th grade on up to 12th grade. I love this site because the students understand the articles, and every Friday, it has an editorial comic. Additionally, each article comes with comprehension questions and answers.free reading websites for kids

  10. ABCYA

    free reading websites for kids

    This site offers more than reading, but you can click on a grade level: K- 5, and then click on the reading tab. It offers reading with comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. All the games were created and approved by certified teachers. They are designed to help kids in the ways they learn best. Disney Family Fun Magazine, Apple, and other reputable sources have featured ABCya’s award-winning games.

These free reading websites for kids are sure to ignite some excitement for reading. Please remember to monitor your kids’ screen time for their best health. Click here to see screen time guidelines for kids. Have fun exploring another aspect to reading and literacy. 🙂


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