Summer is here and kids are out of school. Research by John Hopkins University shows that children lose 2-3 months progress during the summer. These free educational websites for kids are sure to keep their brains from turning to mush.

Even though I strongly advocate summer reading programs, these free educational websites for kids are a wonderful way to keep your kids’ brains engaged as well as sharpen their skills. They are teacher approved, mom approved, teacher tested, and mom tested. By who? Me. I use them, and kids love them.

  1. FunBrain

I used the Math Baseball to keep my kids’ math facts fresh. Repetition equals retention. This game is a fun way to practice facts repeatedly. It is good for solidifying multiplication facts or any facts. This site offers much more than math games. It offers reading, arcade, number games, and so much more. This is definitely an all time favorite. Ages: K-8 kids

  1. ABCyaeducational websites for kids

All games on this site were developed by accredited teachers. They selected fun games that tapped into the way that kids learn best. Additionally, this site has been featured by Apple, New York Times, Disney Family Fun Magazine, and Fox News. You select a grade level K-5. Then, you select the type of game such as reading or math. Parents and kids love this colorful and fun site.

  1. PBS Kidseducational websites for kids

To me, PBS is a name that parents can trust. This site has engaging games that utilize numerous reasoning skills. It offers videos and a cartoon studio. I love the cartoon studio; it is a great way to get kids hooked on reading.

  1. Coolmath-Games educational websites for kids

This site has enticing games that enhance math skills without the children even realizing they are utilizing math skills. It is also great for increasing eye-hand coordination.

  1. Sheppard Software educational websites for kids

We make learning fun” is their motto. My kids can attest to this. They learned all their states and capitals using this site. Additionally, they learned world geography. This site has much to offer. It is my favorite geography site.

Bonus: Click here for 10 fabulous and free reading websites.

Free educational websites for kids are a wonderful and fun way to engage your kids in learning. Please remember to follow these screen time guidelines to ensure the best health, growth, and development for your kids. Happy learning. 

What is your favorite educational website for kids?

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