“Many of the greatest books are like a forest. The best way to get to know them is to wander right into the middle and get lost.” ~ Anthony Esolen

classicsI was fortunate to write an article about getting kids hooked on the classics.  Nowadays, kids have so, so many options in literature that is good, but classical literature still holds timeless, invigorating plots.  It is filled with vibrant vocabulary and has more benefits  than I can count.

As parents, we may have fond memories of the classics (or not), and we would love for our children to devour them.  (Okay, maybe you are just hoping they will read them.)  Well, I am happy to share that my kids went from turning up their noses to the classics to sticking their noses in them.  I share how in the following article.


What turns kids off when it comes to reading the classics? Well, if you have children like mine, they groan and lament that the classics are boring. They balk when I serve the classics because the language… (To continue reading, please click here.)

Do you have some keys that work for you?

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