Magazines are delightful; they’re like stepping into a real world without all the pages of a novel. ~ Pamela Hall

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these companies. I am not doing a sponsored post for them. I am simply sharing what I think are quality magazines that get children hooked on reading.

Do you want your kids to love reading? Do you have a reluctant reader? Magazines might just be the key to unlock the love of literacy harboring inside of your child. When I was young, I received National Geographic World Magazine. I loved it. It had glossy pages that smelled clean. It had bright, shiny pictures of interesting topics, mostly nature which I love. It had short articles and captions which made reading fun and doable. I was hooked.

My love for reading was initially born out of my love for reading a magazine filled with topics that interested me. The best part of all was that it came periodically intensifying my desire to read and anticipating the arrival of the next edition.

Our children are no different. My children loved magazines too. It was a happy, happy day for them when they got mail, a magazine. To this day, they still get magazines in the mail. The titles now fit to their interests and reading ability just like they did when they were younger. One of my son’s favorite magazines nowadays is Popular Mechanics. When he was young, he loved Zoo Books.

Magazines for kids make a great gift. It is a gift that keeps giving month after month. Additionally, it is a gift that you tailor to their interest. For example, if your child likes sports, get them Sports Illustrated for Kids,or if they like nature, get them Ranger Rick.

Another great benefit to reading magazines is that most of them are non-fiction. This expands your child’s reading repertoire.

magazines for kids

Down below are my top 7 picks of magazines for kids. Most of them, I subscribed to for my children. They loved them. Your kids will too.

  1. Zoo BooksMy children enjoyed getting this magazine each month. This magazine is for animal lovers. Each month, they feature a different animal. My children collected the magazines and read them over and over again. They also came in handy for getting information to write research reports.
  2. Kids Discover This was another favorite in my home. It is a science and social studies magazine. Each issue is worth holding onto to create a library of topics. My children enjoyed reading about famous artists and inventions.
  3. Ranger Rick This has two age groups: Ages 4-7- Ranger Rick Jr. or Ages 7-12- Ranger Rick This magazine has been around a long time. It was one of my favorite magazines when I was a child. This magazine has outdoor adventure stories, animals, puzzles, comics, and more. All the articles are short with bright colored pictures that are sure to hold your child’s interest.
  4. Highlights This classic magazine has 3 different age brackets to select from: 0-2, 2-6, 6-12 This is a good literary magazine with fiction stories, comics, and non-fiction stories.
  5. Cobblestone This magazine is great for boys and girls. It is sure to inspire history buffs. This magazine includes crafts, stories, and so much more.
  6. National Geographic Kids Ages 6- 12. This was definitely a favorite in our home and every class I’ve ever taught. Kids love animals and adventure. This magazine is filled with both. It encourages readers to protect the planet and resources while they learn about geography, wildlife, science, and the world.
  7. Faces Ages 9-14 This magazine is interesting focusing on people, places, and cultures.

Bonus: My boys were both in scouting. In fact, I’m a proud mom of Eagle Scouts. Thus, Boys’ Life magazine was a huge part of their upbringing.

Did you know that they even have Time Magazine for kids? So if your child enjoys current events, this is just the magazine to get them hooked on reading.

magazines for kids

There are many good magazines for kids available. This list is just a list of my family’s favorites. I suggest exploring magazines at the library. When your child shows a preference to a particular subject, subscribe to that magazine. They will enjoy getting it month after month, and you’ll enjoy seeing them read. 🙂

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