Clouds, clouds, clouds… What do you see in the clouds?

Behind every cloud is another cloud. ~Judy Garland

I love gazing at the clouds on a sunny day when the backdrop is definitely sky blue. I like flat clouds, big clouds, fluffy clouds, and all kinds of clouds. They have technical names such as stratus, cirrus, cumulonimbus, etc. Today, while driving, my son said, “ As I watch the clouds go by, I love watching the shapes change. Look, there is a dragon. Oh, now look, he is opening his mouth…”

But seriously, have you ever looked at the clouds and found pictures or objects? (Who hasn’t, right?) Have you ever seen a whale, a dinosaur, or an iPhone? Lately, have you taken the time to look for pictures in the clouds or show a child how to do this? It’s fun! What objects do you see?

Cloud gazing is a wonderful spring board to reading & writing. Here’s what to do:

  • Read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud  clouds eric (160x160)and cloud2The Cloud Book By Tomie dePaula  Click here for a list of other cloud books including one for older children.

  • Discuss the story. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

  • Go outside. Lie down or sit leaning back looking up at the sky on a day that has clouds. What do you see?

  • Just for fun, jump on a trampoline and pretend you are on “cloud 9”.

  • Come inside and draw or paint what you saw.  (Check out Pinterest for great art and food activities to accompany these books.) Talk about your creations. 

  • Lastly, write about what you saw in the clouds.  (The lesson above can be done with any age.  I still write about pictures I see in the clouds. 🙂 )

  • Be sure to share your writing and artwork with someone.

It is that easy. Who knows, maybe you will see an iPhone. 🙂