I never made a mistake in grammar but one in my life

and as soon as I done it, I seen it.~ Carl Sandburg

Is there such a thing as easy grammar? Yes. When my children were in middle school, they began to get bogged down with the terminology in grammar such as predicate nominative. I’ve always believed that grammar is best taught in the context of writing, but there still needs to be grammar skill practice. So, I searched for something that would meet their needs of learning grammar in a way they understood. That’s when my sister-in-law told me about Easy Grammar.

easy grammar

Easy Grammar, an award winning system, begins with 2nd grade all the way through 12th grade. They even have placement tests so that you can select the level that is just right for your child.

Elementary placement test.

High school placement test.

We used Easy Grammar all the way through high school as a review and supplement to our language arts program.

easy grammar

With Easy Grammar, my children learned grammar skills quickly and without the fuss. I liked the fact that Easy Grammar was a complimentary supplement to our language arts program. My children did the lessons in just 15 – 20 minutes a day grasping the skills. Additionally, Easy Grammar continually reviews previous learned skills in order for our children to develop retention and mastery. The best part of using Easy Grammar was that I saw the skills they were learning transfer into their writing.

After using Easy Grammar, I learned about Easy Writing.  Because my children loved Easy Grammar, I incorporated Easy Writing too. They learned great skills such as the correct usage of semi-colons. The skills they learned transferred to their composition writing.

easy grammarRecently, I had a parent ask me to help her daughter with grammar. When I looked at the book her daughter was using, I saw that it was filled with what I thought was complicated grammar jargon for a 6th grader. Also, the parent informed me that she didn’t have strong grammar skills and felt frustrated trying to help her daughter because even when she consulted the teacher’s guide, it didn’t provide her with enough understanding to teach it to her daughter. That’s when I suggested Easy Grammar. Since then, they both are pleased with the program. The mom is no longer frustrated, and the daughter is truly learning grammar because it is presented in a uncomplicated way.

I’m excited to share that Easy Grammar Systems will be at the HEAV (Home Educator’s Association of Virginia) Convention June 11th – 13th.  Because I will be at the convention too, I plan to visit them in the huge exhibit hall. Click here to find out about the exhibit hall’s hours and learn about the 350+ exhibitors including Easy Grammar Systems. (I am not affiliated with Easy Grammar Systems. I am sharing this information with you because it is a great option that worked for my children and children I teach.)

easy grammarWhether you teach in a classroom outside of the home, teach in your home, or are a parent wanting to supplement language arts at home, Easy Grammar is a good fit. As a classroom teacher, I would use Easy Grammar every day as a daily language warm up. At home, I used it as a supplement to our language arts program. It was a quick and truly easy way to instill invaluable grammar skills.

What do you like to use for grammar?

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