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Epic is a reading app for kids age 12 and under. It is a huge “unlimited” library of books kids read at their “just right level” or click the “read to me” option, and the book reads aloud to them.  Oh yeah, did I mention that it is free?  It is!  🙂

Recently, I went back to teaching first grade full time in the classroom. I learned about Epic, a reading App for kids, from a colleague. It quickly became one of the kids’ favorite apps. Each day, they showed me the books that they read. Epic tracks the books that your child reads, allows them to search topics that interests them, and tracks how many minutes it took to read each book. The kids eagerly and excitedly read from an i-Pad daily. (Truly.) 🙂

Epic is used independently, or as a read aloud. Additionally, if you want a whole group of kids to read a book aloud, just project it onto a screen.

An Amazing Reading App For Kids

app for kids

This e-reader app is designed for students age 12 and under. Epic! is a subscription-based i-Pad app that gives users access to thousands of books and the ability to set up user profiles for different family members. Kids earn badges for reading accomplishments and keep track of how many books they’ve finished.

One thing that strikes me about Epic is that the illustrations are bright and engaging, the books are interesting, and the kids beg me to let them read Epic. Anything that gets kids motivated to read on their own is a monumental success.

So, for this teacher and mom, Epic is just that- totally Epic.

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