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These reading apps for kids are sure to spark some interest and develop a love for literacy. I search and reviewed many apps to find these five that are filled with good reading skills as well as free.

  1. The Forest Kingdom (3 Complete Fairy Tale Books) apps for kids

Click here to get learn more and get it for free.  Ages 6-8 years old

2. Jigsaw Wonder Puppies Puzzles for Kids

Putting together puzzles is a visual discrimination skill which is a precursor to reading well. This puzzle app helps develop visual discrimination, and you can change the puzzles for many options.

They’re too adorable and ready to play! Carefully designed to be playable for everyone, Jigsaw Wonder puzzles allow you to customize each puzzle by choosing the number of pieces, background designs, and choosing hint options like piece outlines and background visibility. Optional hints allow you to see the background and outlines of each piece. Plus, the place preview feature shows which slot you are hovering over so you can make sure it fits!” (1)

3. MeMeTales

MeMeTales apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Andrapps for kids have a text-highlighted audio read-along option to help beginning readers who need assistance. Kids earn points and stickers when they read. The app comes with 20 free books when you first install it.

4. StoryKit – Reading & Writing iPad iPhone, iPod Touch

Grades 1-4apps for kids

The StoryKit app has four beautifully illustrated classic stories for young readers to use as a launching point for their own creative writing skills.

After reading the books, kids can alter the stories to fit their own narratives, or provide their own illustrations and pics. The app is a favorite of many classroom teachers, as well as children, because of its versatility

iPad, Android Grades 2-12apps for kids

Chicktionary for iPad is an award-winning app to help your children hone their spelling skills. Make as many words as you can from the seven letters on the chickens. Clucking chickens encourage you, and squawk when you make a mistake. This free version has 12 games. If you get stuck making words, give your device a shake to shuffle the hens. The Android version is available on the Android Market.

Bonus: Young Readers EPUB ebooks for free download | epubBooks.com

100 Young Readers books: Both fiction and non-fiction written for children and teenagers. Read on your Apple iPad, Nook, Kobo, iPhone and others. All are public domain and include classic titles such as Little Women, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Secret Garden.

Please let me know what you think of these free reading apps for kids. What apps do you use to supplement reading skills for your kids? I’d love to know.

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