Programs and Services

Currently L.F.L offers three programs, Read Baby READ, a School-aged reading program, and an Adult reading program.  At this time, we also offer two services: tutoring and seminar presentations.  More services and programs are coming.  So be sure to come back and visit this page.

Read Baby READ Initiative

Read Baby READ Initiative (Reading Everyday Achieves Dreams)

Recent research into human brain development is proving that parents truly are their child's first teachers. What parents do, or don’t do, has a lasting impact on their child’s reading skill and literacy. For example, there is considerable evidence of a relationship between reading regularly to a child and that child’s later reading achievement (National Research Council, 1998).

But many parents are not yet making the most of simple, vital opportunities to stimulate full and healthy child development in the early years, and by extension, good reading readiness. As U.S. Education Secretary Richard W. Riley has said,

“If every child were read to daily from infancy, it would revolutionize education in this country!”

How does this work?

Read Baby Read is an initiative that strives to do just that- ensure that every child is read to daily from infancy. By doing so, we have a literate nation with productive citizens.. Read Baby Read is an initiative that educates parents on the importance of literacy. The goal is to inspire them, with the awareness of reading benefits, to read to their baby daily. There is much literature available about reading to babies, but this is a hands-on approach:

Educate & equip: through informative & applicable seminars,

Encourage: by giving free books (getting books into the hands of parents & babies) and becoming part of the blog community to receive relevant literacy tips,

Empower:  through Personal follow up and coaching in the use of their new skills.

With Your Help: Through donations, we can provide more seminars and more books.

By educating and encouraging parents, they are empowered to lead their children to a literate life.

Read Baby READ will expand to MOPS groups, birthing mom/healthy baby classes, local libraries, and local Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  This is reaching the foundation of literacy, literally.

By making a donation- we can provide more seminars and more books to babies.

School Aged Reading Programs

L.F.L. is dedicated to helping school-aged children read and write better- one word at a time- one person at a time.

L.F.L. is committed to increasing literacy competency in their community.

Research shows that 3 out of 4 fourth graders read below grade level. Then, by the 8th grade, 64% of all 8th graders in our nation read below grade level. It is a fact that when children can't read by the 3rd grade, they are likely to drop out of high school.

L.F.L. is committed to catching these children, helping them to read and write so that their future is brighter.

How does this work?

Existing Community Programs: Working through community schools- (PTA), libraries, health departments, pediatric clinics, and child care centers

Training Others:  L.F.L. shares tips of teaching reading and writing (the toolbox) through the blog community (a place to get real answers to real questions-and literacy tips at least once a week), private tutoring, and through in-services for teachers & parents.

Equipping Parents: Parents are a child’s first teacher. L.F.L works directly with parents equipping them, encouraging them, and empowering them to help their children be literate for life.

Adult Reading Programs

L.F.L. believes that adults that can read and write well are able to pass those skills onto their children.

It is the goal of L.F.L. to complete a literary cycle: parent/babies, school-aged children, and adults.

L.F.L. is different from other organizations because it has a holistic approach to literacy not only in the way the materials are delivered (both reading & writing are emphasized), but in the programs offered.

How does this work?

At this time, the adult programs are still being developed. However, you can tap into the current programs available offered through other sources.

Adult Literacy Awareness:

Did you know that there is probably an adult literacy program near you?

Adult Literacy Program:

Why do we need a literate work force?
By 2018, only 10 percent of jobs will be open to those who fail to complete high school.

Helping an adult learn to read & write equates to creating productive citizens and adults that are empowered to raise literate children.

L.F.L. Services

Accessing our tutoring and seminar services online is coming soon.  Please check back again.

If you have questions or need help in these areas, please contact us.

What Client’s Say

Pamela Hall is a wonderful, patient, energetic and experienced educator. I have had the privilege of having her teach my children writing and science. She is passionate about teaching and it is her goal to see each child succeed. I have worked with her for the past three years in leadership of a homeschool co-op. She has great communication and organizational skills. It has been great working with her!
Trish Hackett, Homeschool Mom of 7, The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Member, God's Homeschool Warriors Co-op Coordinator
I have known Mrs. Pamela Hall for several years, as we were collectively involved in the education of our respective children. Through incredible vision and passion, Mrs. Hall and several other families created a homeschool cooperative as a means of supporting families led to educate their children at home. Mrs. Hall and I swapped roles as president and vice-president during our first two years of this organization. Starting any endeavor of this magnitude is difficult; however, it quickly became a labor of love because of Mrs. Hall’s leadership, organization, desire, and faithfulness. Without her example and attitude, our organization would not be nearly as successful as it is today.

Mrs. Hall is a gifted teacher, and as a parent of several students she has taught, I can attest the aforementioned qualities and characteristics manifested themselves in the classroom setting. My children grew to love the subjects she taught; this is a true testament to her abilities and love for both student and subject matter. Mrs. Hall will remain an invaluable asset to any organization to which she pours her talents and gifts. As a pastor, I would welcome the levels of commitment, intensity, focus, and compassion shown by Mrs. Hall in any of my volunteers and staff members. Mrs. Hall is a jewel any organization would treasure to have in their corner.

Scott Cornette, Pastor, River of Life Baptist Church
Mrs. Pam means everything to me. She helped me with many of my reading challenges. She gave me activities to help me and made it fun. She is a joyful, helpful, and caring teacher. The best thing was that she was very patient with me. Now, I can read with confidence.
Anya, Student
Pam has a God-given gift to work with challenged readers. She truly has a passion for seeing readers succeed, and she provides every avenue to accomplish such goals. My daughter, Anya, worked with Mrs. Pam and started 5th grade on a reading level of 2.7 – 3.6 in the fall and when tested again in the winter, she had gone to a reading level of 4.0 – 5.3. Mrs. Pam identified Anya’s weaknesses and worked with her to succeed. Anya gained a tremendous amount of confidence and tools that she has been equipped with to continue her success. Mrs. Pam is a true blessing for me, more than she may ever realize. I would recommend Mrs. Pam to anyone that has a struggling reader; she is truly inspiring!
Jennifer Colyer, Mom
Mrs. Hall is a caring educator whose knowledge of the development of reading is exceptional. She delivers engaging instruction that communicates her passion for teaching and learning. Her focus is always on the needs of the students and developing nurturing relationships with them.
Barbara H. L. Patterson, Professional Development Specialist of Instruction, Suffolk Public School