Brag boards are easy to make and implement with powerful, positive results. Plus, brag boards are for kids of all ages and adults. They’re a fabulous way to create a culture of kindness, build empathy and show appreciation.

Here’s the top 3 reasons to have a brag board

  1. Spread Kindnessbrag boards and brag tags

    Who doesn’t want more kindness?

    Brag boards are for families, classrooms, and the work place. At school, I have just a piece of chart paper taped to the wall with the title: Brag Board written at the top. The children in my class write positive notes about their classmates on a Post-It note and stick it to the chart.

    Another idea to spread kindness is to use brag tags. You can download these for free.

    This keeps things positive. The children are always on the lookout to find something good about their peers. I love the focus on “looking for the good”. Doing this spreads kindness and bolsters self esteem. Happy people want to help others be happy and kind.

  2. Reinforce Empathykindness, brag board, brag tag

    Brag boards take the focus off of ourselves and onto others. It helps us relate to how others feel when we catch them doing something well or being kind and helpful. Having empathy for others and emphasizing and displaying their strengths for all to see create a supportive environment. All people soar in a caring, supportive environment. Brag boards foster this type of environment.

  3. Show Appreciation

    Studies show that adults will stay in a work environment with less pay when they feel appreciated and supported. Brag boards are a way to enhance employeestaff appreciation appreciation in the work place.

    Some families have a clipboard- brag board to display each child’s work. Doing this reinforces their child’s hard work and achievement. When rewarded, we all feel appreciated, and have the desire to keep up the good work. Take a look at this fabulous do-it-yourself brag board project for kids.brag board for kids

    Besides spreading kindness, empathy, and appreciation, brag boards get kids and adults writing. It is a wonderful hidden benefit of uplifting and encouraging others.

    How can you implement a brag board today? It is truly worth the ripple effects of kindness and simple to do.

    Let’s make a positive difference~ one word at a time.


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