It’s not the length of life, but the depth of life.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I like that quote. Life is to really live. One way to live life fully is to be able to read and write well. But… how?

Glad you asked.

This site is for you to receive tips on teaching reading and writing. It is also a place where you can get answers to your literacy questions.

Staggering, Sobering, Statistics

Nov 7, 2013 – NAEP reading and math tests, commonly known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” are administered to 4th and 8th graders across the U.S. every two years. … However, 64 percent of all 8th graders who took the test are also below grade … more than half of 4th graders (58 percent) still cannot read at grade level.

This statistic is a reality for some children I work with. It breaks my heart, but through implementing a plan and working the plan consistently & intentionally, the children improve; they are no longer a sad statistic. It’s time to take some action for a literate nation. Literate For Life strives to make a positive difference in the life of a child or any person ~ one word at a time.

Join me in helping others become literate for life allowing them to be productive citizens.

Literate For Life’s Mission

The purpose of L.F.L. is to educate, encourage, and empower people to be literate for life.

This is accomplished through the following avenues:  Read Baby READ Initiative, blog community, informative & applicable seminars for parents & teachers, and private tutoring.

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Literate For Life


Recently, I was privileged enough to tutor a friend’s 5th grader once a week for an hour. After 3 months, the student went from a 3.0 reading level to a 4.8 reading level.

Yes, that is

1 year and 8 months growth in just 3 months of consistency.

You, too, will be celebrating after implementing suggestions that I post on the blog and Literate For Life teaches.

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Each one can reach one

If this site or a post inspires and/or helps just one person, then its worth all the time it took to create.

It is my desire to help others teach reading and writing in a way that helps people be literate for life.

Usually, this instruction begins in the elementary years. It is important to me that children learn that with work & consistency, reading and writing can be enjoyable.

I will share effective tips to help foster reading and writing.

I know that there are lots & lots of tips available, but the tips I will share are tested. By who? Me. I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of children and young adults to read and write better. (Not everyone turned into authors or said they loved to read and write, but they did improve AND most end up enjoying either reading or writing, or both.)

If you are inspired or find a helpful hint that may help someone you know, please pass it on. 

Help me help others to read and write better, and help me to help others teach reading and writing better. Each one of us can reach out and help just one. Together, each of us can make a positive difference in someone’s life ~ one word at a time.

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